Sony 55″ 55X90K 4K UHD LED Google TV XR-55X90K 2021 model

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Sony 55″ 55X90J 4K UHD LED Google TV XR-55X90J 2021 model

  • Screen Size 55 Inches
  • Supported Internet Services Netflix, Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Play Store, Android TV
  • Connector Type Wi-Fi
  • Resolution 4K
  • Display Technology LED
  • Refresh Rate 100 hertz
  • Smart TV, Google TV
  • 20 Watts | Acoustic Surface Speakers | Dolby Audio, Dolby Atmos, X-Balanced Speaker
  • 2 x USB | 4 x HDMI | 1 x Optical Audio Output
  • Ideal Viewing Distance: 10 – 12 Ft

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–12 Months Warranty
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Sony 55" 55X90K 4K UHD LED Google TV XR-55X90K 2021 model

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Sony 55″ 55X90K 4K UHD LED Google TV XR-55X90J 2021 model

XR Picture
Enjoy warm, natural and beautiful images from every angle with minimal light reflection. Our revolutionary processor uses human perspective analysis to analyze and optimize hundreds of thousands of elements in the blink of an eye. Combined with our Full Array LED screen, this technology provides highly realistic images full of lifelike contrast.

XR Color
See colors that look vibrant and beautiful to the human eye. The Cognitive Processor XR gives the screen a wider range of colors. Each color is reproduced with lifelike, subtle differences. More hues and saturation creates vibrant shadows and texture in the flowers. Even faded colors look realistic.

Perfect for PlayStation
This Sony BraviaXR TV is perfect for PlayStation™5 with two new features: Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode. This allows the PS5 and TV to recognize each other and optimize the image for an ultimate gaming experience. These features support frame rates up to 120fps with super-sharp 4K resolution for HDMI 2.1 compatible games. These features will be available through a software update from January 2022.

XR Triluminos Pro™
Powered by our Cognitive Processor XR, this TV can display color brilliantly on the screen. Enjoy a wide color palette with increased hues and saturation for natural shadows and accurate on-screen details, even during dark scenes.

XR Contrast
Feel breathtaking contrast, just like the real thing. Our Cognitive Processor XR analyzes data and produces images just like the human eye, for realistic colors and depth. XR Contrast Booster brightens light areas and darkens dark areas without losing detail in shadows or overexposure.

XR Contrast Booster 5
By dimming the lighting in dark areas and boosting it in others, the XR Contrast Booster adjusts the brightness for brighter highlights and deeper blacks. Because the light areas become lighter and the dark areas darker, scenes look more lifelike with more depth and detail.

XR HDR Remaster
With XR HDR Remaster, this TV recognizes every object on the screen, analyzes color and adjusts contrast for lifelike images. Object-based processing by BRAVIA XR takes accuracy to a new level by adjusting shading, saturation, brightness, motion vector, bandwidth, and more. This results in exceptionally realistic images with added depth, lifelike textures and natural colors.

XR Clarity
Whatever the content, you can enjoy entertainment in near 4K with XR 4K upscaling. Our Cognitive Processor XR has access to a lot of data allowing it to recreate lost textures and details for lifelike images. Admire the fine details of an animal fur and a sharp stone.

XR 4K Upscaling
This TV features our Cognitive Processor XR, raising 2K signals to the level of 4K for an incredibly realistic viewing experience. XR 4K upscaling processes a large amount of data, analyzes patterns in scenes and produces subtle details.

4K XR Super Resolution
XR Super Resolution recognizes the individual objects of an image and produces realistic textures. Our BRAVIA XR processor analyzes and processes data for 4K images with four times the resolution of Full HD for beautiful scenes with realistic detail and texture.

4K XR Smoothing
XR Smoothing delivers smooth, lifelike images in 4K, without the color-line problem that other TVs often have. Scenes are recreated with thousands of hues, shades and gradations, making them appear lifelike.

XR Motion
Watching action-packed sports matches and movies just got more fun. Our Cognitive Processor XR with XR Motion Clarity™ analyzes data to ensure the action stays smooth, crisp and clear.

XR Motion Clarity
On some screens, matches and fast-action scenes appear very blurry. With our latest LED XR Motion Clarity™ technology, everything stays smooth, crisp and clear. Each ‘shiver’ is individually tracked and optimized, while the brightness is boosted so you don’t miss a thing.

4K/120 fps
Get a head start with BRAVIA. With HDMI2.1, you get a frame rate of 120 fps on compatible games, so you’ll always have an advantage in shooters and sports games with immersive on-screen action. Enjoy smooth games with reduced input lag as low as 8.5 ms at 4K/120 fps and the dedicated game mode.

Sound Position XR Sound Position delivers an audio experience that rivals reality with sound that accompanies the image. The sound-positioning tweeters of this BRAVIA XR Full Array LED TV precisely match the sound to each scene for an immersive experience.

Acoustic Multi-Audio™
Our Acoustic Multi-Audio™ features sound positioning tweeters on the back of the TV, allowing sound to easily follow the action for an immersive experience.

XR Surround
With BRAVIA XR, all programs and movies get the true surround sound treatment. XR Surround produces surround sound from the sides and vertical, so you can experience 3D audio without having to place speakers on the ceiling or upward-firing speakers.

3D Surround Upscaling
With our BRAVIA XR signal processing technology, this TV can produce multi-dimensional sound for an immersive experience. Feel the sound around you: not only from the left and right, but also from a vertical dimension. With 3D Surround upscaling, you can experience the latest audio formats such as Dolby Atmos® in your own home theater and enjoy vertical surround sound with content that is not compatible with Dolby Atmos.

Google TV
Browse over 700,000 movies and TV episodes from your streaming services, all from one place, sorted by topic and genre based on your interests.

Voice Search
Find your favorite content faster than ever with nothing more than your voice. With Voice Search, you no longer have to search or type long — you can just ask.

Works with OK Google
Connect a Google Assistant device for hands-free control of your Sony TV. Use only your voice to find and play your favorite movies on your Sony TV. Just start with “OK Google”.

Works with Apple AirPlay / Apple HomeKit
With Apple AirPlay you can stream video and audio directly from your iPhone, iPad or Mac to your television. Watch movies and shows from the Apple TV app, your favorite apps, or even Safari. Share your photos with everyone in the room.

Chromecast built-in
With Chromecast you can cast your favorite movies, games and apps in optimal quality from your mobile device to the built-in Chromecast in your TV. Simply tap the Cast button on your Android or iOS phone to play the desired footage on the big screen. Cast your content while continuing to use your phone or tablet.

Smart remote control
You can control all your connected devices with our smart remote control. One-button access to video-on-demand services lets you enjoy programs and movies in seconds.

Smooth surface
The narrow picture border allows your eyes to focus on the picture and not on the surroundings of your TV.

Two-way adjustable stand
A versatile 2-position stand gives you the choice between a stand position that puts the focus on the image, or a narrow position for smaller furniture.

Living Decor
Our Living Decor turns your TV into an essential piece of furniture with on-screen art, personal photos, screensaver themes and clock functions.

Light sensor
On average TVs, the brightness stays the same regardless of the light in the room, resulting in images that are sometimes too dark or too bright. This TV contains a light sensor that optimizes the brightness of the image and adapts it to the conditions in the room. In bright rooms, for example, the brightness gets a boost, but in dark rooms the brightness is dimmed for the perfect image.

Acoustic Auto Calibration
This TV knows where you are sitting and optimizes the sound so that you get the same sound quality as if you were sitting right in front of the TV. The sound may change depending on the room. For example, curtains can absorb sound, while objects in front of the TV can block the sound, which affects the quality. This TV recognizes objects and produces sounds that are adapted to the room.

Netflix Calibrated Mode
This mode is specially designed to enjoy Netflix Originals and reproduce the same picture quality on a TV as on a studio master. Calibrated for Netflix mode preserves the creator’s intent.

Enhanced for IMAX
This 4K Smart TV from Sony has been certified as ‘Enhanced for IMAX’, meaning the TV is optimized for high quality picture and Hi-Fi sound. Enjoy an even more immersive home entertainment experience and watch the best content remastered for Enhanced for IMAX with the Enhanced for IMAX picture mode.

Dolby Vision® and Dolby Atmos®
Enjoy cinema quality at home. Dolby Vision® brings scenes to life for an authentic viewing experience, while Dolby Atmos® fills the room with immersive surround sound.

Countless movies are included and waiting for you. Thanks to BRAVIA XR technology, Pure Stream and IMAX Enhanced, everything you watch is reproduced with stunning quality and immersive sound quality.

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